Tuesday, 15 November 2016

What is fleet management?

Fleet management simply translates as the total management of a company's fleet of vehicles, covering every aspect of the life-cycle of a vehicle from procurement to disposal.

This option is one to be considered by any business that relies on transportation for their business to process, and for those who wish to remove or minimise the risks that are associated with vehicle investment, improving productivity, efficiency, reducing transportation and employee costs, and ensuring 100% compliance with government legislation and more.
However, this does not mean that a fleet manager has to undertake all actions required to keep each and every vehicle on the road, but they may take personal responsibility for the fleet.

Fleet manager & their responsibilities

The first duty of any fleet manager is to know what is actually in their fleet at any given time. This not only means that the fleet manager should have a record of all the serial numbers of the various key parts which relate to each of their vehicles. This will help to stop any fraudulent tampering with them.
Keep track of vehicles
Keeping track of vehicles can have two different meanings. The first is keeping accurate records of everything which concerns that vehicle, from fuel stops to any maintenance, whether it's a driver fitting a new fan belt on the road during an emergency or a full service.
The second meaning is as simple as knowing where the vehicles are, which can be done through vehicle tracking.
Using data efficiently
Gathering data on a fleet is relatively simple, the trick is knowing how to use it.
An example: Knowing the specific components of your vehicles you, as a fleet manager, can make an informed judgement about their life span. You will also have records of your scheduled service plans.
Managing users and suppliers
Not only will fleet managers manage vehicles, they will also need to manage people. If active fleet management is being introduced into an environment which was essentially run without much attention, it is possible that it won't sit well with some, simply because change will do that, but active or passive resistance from either users (in this case, drivers) or even suppliers will need to analysed and addressed.

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Thursday, 13 August 2015

Fleet management and vehicle tracking systems

Fleet Management System Benefits
Almost any business can benefit from fleet management, whether their transportation facilities integrate any company cars for their employees, alternatively a fleet of vans for any transporting goods.
The vehicles from a business can actually be one of the most costly assets of the business and running those costs can make a significant impact on the profit of a company. Fleet management aids businesses maintain and track its vehicles in a fast and easily accessible way.
The benefits of acquiring a fleet management system are:
- lower fuel costs
- lower overall running costs
- increased efficiency
- higher job completion rate
- improved driving performance
- increase in driver safety
- protection against theft
Any business that hasn't implemented a fleet management system that also includes GPS vehicle tracking may want to rethink, as it would definitely be worthwhile, the implementation costs will usually be recouped quickly.

Benefits of fleet management system
There are many business benefits that present themselves through a fleet management system, such as improved record keeping; an increase of productivity along with the enhancement of customer service; the improvement of employee efficiency; safety and breakdown recovery; the lowering of insurance premiums; reducing fuel consumption; promotion of responsible driving; and managing a vehicles' life cycle.
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Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Vehicle Tracking for Theft

For any fleet manager or business owner, the implementation of a vehicle tracking solution provides a number of benefits.
To view those advantages, see our blog post here.
Vehicle tracking is an effective method of enhancing your security. The vehicle tracking system can alert on real time any unauthorised vehicle movement along with time-based rules of when a vehicle should be in or out of their allocated zones. Therefore, if a vehicle is stolen, it can quickly be located and tracked down by the authorities that would have been informed about the theft.
An extra benefit is also the insurance savings at the possibility of a vehicle being stolen that has a tracker will be increased.
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Van Conversions

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Fast Fit have completed a Vauxhall Vivaro Conversion, with each item installed by Fast Fit, these included Citroen seats with belts; a window conversion on the side load door and off side panel; midway bulkhead with sliding door access to the rear; rear load area ply lined; carpet on the car flood and an inbuilt satellite navigation system. Images can be seen below.
Van ConversionVivaro 6Vaivaro sat navVivaro 1
The reason van conversions are becoming more popular is because of how customisable they are. They present being cost efficient than buying a brand new van, and can be modified to suit any need.
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