Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Van Conversions

Choose Fast Fit for van conversions and van seat conversions!
We can provide you with bespoke van seat conversion with the option to create your own here.
Fast Fit have completed a Vauxhall Vivaro Conversion, with each item installed by Fast Fit, these included Citroen seats with belts; a window conversion on the side load door and off side panel; midway bulkhead with sliding door access to the rear; rear load area ply lined; carpet on the car flood and an inbuilt satellite navigation system. Images can be seen below.
Van ConversionVivaro 6Vaivaro sat navVivaro 1
The reason van conversions are becoming more popular is because of how customisable they are. They present being cost efficient than buying a brand new van, and can be modified to suit any need.
Please visit the website for further information about our van conversions and more!

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